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exotic-in-love replied to your post “I was surprised when you revealed that ‘The stars stand still’ was less praised than your other fics despite being one of your favourites. I wanted you to know that it is my favourite fic of yours alongside TCG, and would like to know if you plan on writing any more Sherlock fics in a magic-based/mythical AU?”

Please please please do a sentinel AU!!!! I would love you till eternity

We’ll see (read that as definitely maybe ;)) I’m going to be writing Sherlock fic for all eternity at this rate!

happilyneveraftersblog replied to your post “I really don’t like seeing donate buttons on blogs, and theyre everywhere. Fanartsists, writers, meta people… Since you put on on your blog as well, can you explain why?”

I find this ask rather rude. It wasn’t simply put to you for curiosity about a donate button, but to demand you to justify it. Don’t want to donate? no one is forcing you too hence the word ‘donate’. Jesus where are people’s manners on here.

snowbouquet replied to your post “I really don’t like seeing donate buttons on blogs, and theyre everywhere. Fanartsists, writers, meta people… Since you put on on your blog as well, can you explain why?”

I find that ask somewhat rude as well - donating is completely optional. If you appreciate the artist’s work (whatever the medium), it’s nice to have the option to show it. That comment is a complaint/demand masked as a question.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the ask a touch confrontational. However, nothing could really be gained from calling them out on it. hopefully my explanation was adequate to appease their distaste of the donate button (or at least my reasons for using one!)

Was it something I said?

Was it something I said?

Anonymous sent: On that list of spoiler ideas: 4, 5 and 7 are a must! Oh, pretty please! =) Ofcourse, I don't care what you end up writing because i'll love it regardless, but reading those suggestions made me squee more than usual XD

*Chuckles* oddly, 4, 5 and 7 were popular big time. We shall see what can be done :D

B xxx

Anonymous sent: I was surprised when you revealed that 'The stars stand still' was less praised than your other fics despite being one of your favourites. I wanted you to know that it is my favourite fic of yours alongside TCG, and would like to know if you plan on writing any more Sherlock fics in a magic-based/mythical AU?

Oh! Thank you so much <3 I’m really pleased you enjoyed Stars. I got a huge kick out of it when writing, and it’s great to know others love it too.

As for more magical ones. Man, my muse loves the idea! We’ve already got All Things Inherit, which is a werewolf AU, then there’s Guard of Diocletian, which will be shapeshifters.

There’s the ongoing temptation of merlock, plus the urge to do a bit more in the Hell or High Water ‘verse.

Then there’s the possibility for a sentinels and guides AU, which… well that counts as roughly magical, right? :D (For those who’ve not heard of the sentinels and guides trope, check out this post.)

To be honest, I adore magical AUs, and I particularly adore ones that I can weave in with what we already know of Sherlock and John’s lives. So yes, sooner or later, there’s bound to be more!

Anonymous sent: I really don't like seeing donate buttons on blogs, and theyre everywhere. Fanartsists, writers, meta people... Since you put on on your blog as well, can you explain why?

I can explain my reasons for doing it - can’t speak for everyone, obviously. Basically, I write fanfiction and publish it. People are grateful, and sometimes they want to get me something/make me something/give me something in return other than their thanks. 

The donate button is an easy way for people who perhaps don’t want to spend a bomb on postage, or don’t know what to make etc an easy way to give me more than their (priceless!) words of thanks.

Any money I receive via the donation goes in my tech fund, which is there in case of a computer disaster. The idea is that if my PC explodes, I can use that fund to contribute to the cost of a replacement. There’s a benefit to the reader there, as well, since it means (hopefully) no epic delay in fic updates while I sort myself out technically.

Think of it like a tip jar. 

It’s the same reason the link to my business is there on the side of the blog. Buy cool jewellery from me, get cool jewellery and have the satisfaction of knowing, that since I’m the only person running said business, that profit went straight into my bank account.

it’s more about accessibility for those people who want it, rather than expectation on my part, and I suspect it’s the same with many other fandom contributors.

None of us charge for what we do. Legally, we’d be on slightly dubious grounds, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who know the value of our activities and want to offer us something tangible in return.

Hope that explains my point of view on it at least :D


Anonymous sent: I just want to say that I love how kind you are. Even when you're angry, you always respond to things maturely. It's a really intimidating thought, sending a message to of my favorite authors. But you've taken your blog and cultivated an environment where it's safe to do so. (I'm still personally shy, which is why this message is anonymous lol). But yeah. Thank you :)

Thank you, lovely. I’m glad you feel like my blog’s a safe environment. I do my best to react to things that upset me in a rational and mature manner. It doesn’t always work and miscommunications do occasionally occur, but I do try, and it’s nice to know the effort is appreciated.

(And I don’t think you’re the only person intimidated. There’s definitely no need to be. I’m pretty much the least intimidating person around =D)


Right, fixed some funky formatting on the Guard of Diocletian post, and also made it a page, rather than a post, so the post on-dash shouldn’t be a problem for anyone any more :D

Hope that helps!

erikathestranger sent: The Guard of Diocletian post is literally breaking my mobile app >< I've tried to scroll past it several times now (I've actually been trying to read it, and I really like what I've been able to so far!)Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to unfollow for now so I can just get beyond that post on my timeline,but I shall be back! XP

Ah, sorry, hun! I tried to think of a better way to do it, but none seemed like such a great idea. Wish the mobile app obeyed read more stuff. Kinda daft that it doesnt…

Guard of Diocletian

So, in the blog reshuffling I did a while back, it became quite hard to find the Guard of Diocletian previews I’d done. I keep promising to publish this fic, and I will (one day.) However, in the meantime, this is what I’ve got so far. Raw draft, pretty much, so I apologise for the state of it, and about 9k.

Mostly, it’s here to direct people to when they ask for it. :) 


The Guard Of Diocletian

He was an abomination.

Keratin crescents cut into ivory skin, drawing bright red lines of hate across a canvas of flesh. Sherlock’s fingers curled, bit, pulled – clawing at himself in fitful, frightened desperation. Bony knees were pressed tight to his sternum, and the ridge of his spine curled and hunched as he dragged in choking breaths.

This was not meant to happen.

He should have been a Switch, like Mycroft and Father. He should have been a boy and nothing more – at least on the outside – but instead the mutation that rendered his family locked into their human forms had failed him.

He was a Shifter.

Read More

Anonymous sent: As a Chinese reader, GC and #HeforShe resonates strikingly with me -these projects show me there is still hope. Devastatingly GC's fragile-doll inequality is actually the dream of many. Being a cherished object is at least better a subservient object and being subservient and alive is better than death I guess. I still wanted to cry when my 7yr old cousin told me, a TV drama's stoic, ego-inflated man harping "from now on you belong to me" to an (infantile) demure woman is about love. It's not.

Thank you, hun. It’s a common belief, one that stems from the inherently damaging philosophy of the patriarchy. Gilded Cage was, initially, designed to emphasise the issues I see in daily society for the sake of both raising awareness and furthering the plot. Yet the more I write the more I realise that the majority of what I’m writing about isn’t as far from the real world truth as I had thought it would be.

Anonymous sent: i feel this is the only safe space in the fandom to say this, but there are some really shitty things in the johnlock fandom that really piss me off. i've never been surrounded by so much ignorance about the gay male community and by women no less. the gay baby shit. the bottom shit, the virgin shit, the twink shit (which is being offensively misused by women in regards to queer men) all the john as the typical male asshole shit. God i hate this stuff.



this is a safe place.  i know exactly what you mean.  below i am going to put some of my person head cannon into the mix of things.  people don’t have to agree with me.  this got really long.

i’m going to start with John and how people have started writing/talking about him in a hyper masculine way asshole way.  the idea of hyper masculinity it actually really damaging to men.  people raise boys telling them not to cry, not to show emotions, to be strong and never show weakness.  when bad things happen they bottle it up inside instead of reaching out for help.  they are taught to be assholes to get what they want, that the world is there for there taking.  we create monsters, with stunted emotions.  this is what people are worshiping.  why?  

why do people want John to be abusive?  because thats what we are taught is sexy.  we are taught to think a men forcing us is fun.  people have put Sherlock in the woman’s role.  they have taken his strength, he has done some great hand to hand fighting in the show and made it so he won’t fight back.

to me John is very repressed emotionally.  i think he was taught to not cry or show weakness as a child, to keep it all inside.  he is very loving and has a strong moral code.  he’s not the kind of person who would get enjoyment from hurting someone he loves.  even at his angriest in HLV he kicked a table, and kicked it so it couldn’t hurt anyone.  the two times he hit Sherlock was party timing and what Sherlock said.  i think the first was because Sherlock hit him and John went into attack mode.  and the second was because Sherlock mocked his pain and John couldn’t take it. even then he could have done a lot more damage but he didn’t.

John seems like someone who stand on a precipice of anger and control. but since he’s met Sherlock he seems to be doing better.  He’s happier less stressed.  i see John and Sherlock’s relationship working like a sub/Dom one.  while at this point they aren’t having sex John is getting the emotional relief of being a sub to Sherlock who on several occasions has called himself John’s superior.  and John treats him that way.  i also think Sherlock enjoys being in control and as they enter a sexual relationship that sub/Dom relationship will expand into sex.  which will give John even more relief.

on to Sherlock and horrible terms people call him.  i just going to say i hate the term twink.  most of the gay men i know hate it.  i was out with a few friends of mine one night and some random drunk girl called one of them a twink and he got really pissed.  i know some club boys self identity as it and thats what they want so ok.  but it’s one of them call themselves a twink but if i said it, it’s not.  the term ‘gay baby’ will piss me off till the day i die.  i have gone over it and defined it, tried to talk to people how horrible it is and they just try to shut me up.  all i can do at this point is make my blog a safe place for people who don’t want that kind of stuff on there blog.

the virgin thing, as i have mentioned before virginity is a myth.  it was invented to control female sexuality.  aka men wanted to keep woman under there thumbs to they told them if they had sex they had sex before marriage they would be unclean and couldn’t go to heaven.  the definition in the dictionary is: “the state of never having had sexual intercourse.”.  but what about all people who will never have penetrative sex?  some people don’t.  the truth is there is no medical or biological definition.

here are one links to the myths and how they are debunked.  the virginity myth is terrible.

i am very sad that people are forcing virginity on Sherlock.  the show has mentioned he’s had sex but they are obsessed with keeping his a virgin and not only a virgin but a crying weak virgin.  let me make something very clear.  if the person you are about to have sex with isn’t sure they want to continue or if they’re scared, STOP.  you are raping them.

now onto bottoming.  personally i see John as a bottom but thats just me.  i mostly blame it on the fact that the first smut fic i read was a bottom John fic and the image of him being the bottom stuck.  while my preference is bottom John top Sherlock i do think they are switch couple, i just don’t read those fic’s.

the problem i see the most on tumblr is people not understanding that bottoming isn’t the automatic sub position.  that it isn’t un-masculine to bottom.  i know a lot of men who would be so offended if they saw how people talked about bottoming on here.  bottoming is about enjoying anal stimulation.  thats it.

sub and Dom is about a power exchange.  where a sub trust there Dom enough to hand over there power and for that Dom to help them though things.  it’s not violent, it’s about helping.  in a proper relationship the pair will set the scene to together, talk about what will happen, they will play, and then there will be after care and sometimes cuddling.  what ever the two need.

i also want to say (again) some subs bottom, some top, some don’t have penetrative sex.  the bottoming and the sub/Dom have nothing to do with the other.

i would love to educate some of these misinformed people about how queer sex actually works, and how the homophobic terms they use hurt people.  more then anything i would love to get them into a woman’s studies class.  for me a way i stopped using many of those bad tropes was to see how they effected me and other women on a everyday basic.  after i saw how they hurt me i would never think of using them against a character.

feel free to ask any more questions 

THIS so much all of this.

Agreeing with this hugely. Just, HUGELY.

Anonymous sent: I admire your responses to things like that drinking games thing so much - you always are so mature and generous. Thank you for existing and sharing your beautiful stories with us (I'm sure you've gotten this before, but your user name is super appropriate!)

Oh, thank you! I see a lot of that kind of thing going around, and while I do sort of get the joke, I really don’t find it funny. All I can think of is when i was a virginal 14 year old shyly writing bad kisses and bad prose and bad fic in general, and how even back then, that kind of thing stung, because everyone was quick to tell the world what writers were doing wrong, but not exactly quick to step up to the plate and tell them how to fix it.

Everyone starts somewhere, and being mocked for your efforts can be really crushing. A quick giggle at a bad sex scene in the privacy of your own head? Fine. Then buck up and be encouraging to the fic writer who wrote it and point out their misconception. Don’t make a derisive post on tumblr about how amateurish some sex scenes are. Even if you don’t name names, it’s still discouraging.

(Also, isn’t it weird that you never see posts from writers that say things like "Take a drink every time a reader asks a question about something you already addressed in prose, Take a drink every time someone spells your title wrong. Take a drink every time a reader demands an update when you’ve just made one. Take a drink every time a reader doesn’t read the author’s notes…”)

Maybe that’s because, as writers, we respect our readers too much to do so.


My kingdom for Sherlock to spontaneously kiss John’s forehead like he did Mary’s in TSoT.


My kingdom for Sherlock to spontaneously kiss John’s forehead like he did Mary’s in TSoT.

Anonymous sent: FYI, <i>The Stars Move Still</i> is not just my favorite fic of yours, it's one of my favorite fanfics of all time ever, and one of my favorite fictional AUs full-stop. Time to re-read again, I think... :)

I hope you enjoy the re-read <3