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(I’m not gonna lie to you, the main reason why I did this comic was so that I could draw baby Sherlock in super cute outfits. I regret nothing)


Mmm… This fic seems like it could be alright, but 13 chapters… I’m meant to be going to bed pretty much right n-…

…written by beautifulfic, you say?


Let me take a wild guess. 13 chapters: Electric Pink Hand Grenade (ammirite?)

Seriously though, my lovely, I’m flattered that it being by me sways your decision away from bed and towards reading. I hope you think it’s worth it <3

Anonymous sent: So I'm sure you've addressed this before and I remember Mycroft and Sherlock also addressing this in the story (so sorry if it's a silly question) - but since you say Sherlock and Alexander spent time strengthening the bond, does it mean Sherlock felt something for him at some point? And does it mean that Sherlock was 'happy' letting Alexander bite him?

Sherlock says “he was nice, once” meaning he was attentive and friendly, but later on Sherlock could see that for what it was: a brief infatuation that had everything to do with his gender and nothing to do with him. He could also see his own feelings of cooperation for what they were, which were the actions of someone trying to make the best of a less-than-desirable situation.

To say Sherlock was “happy” letting Alexander bite him is a bit of a stretch. He didn’t have much of a choice. His pyresuses were vicious and as Mycroft says in Chapter 8:

'My father said it was a matter of biology. It wasn't until Sherlock presented that I understood what he meant. I'd always assumed, like many Alphas, that Omega heats were a time of intense sexual need and thought little of it. I had no wish to bond myself and therefore no personal experience. I had not realised –'

A muscle twitched at his jaw, and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. ‘I watched my brother turn into a wraith of his former self, tormented by his own bio-chemistry. He was fading before our eyes and loathing every moment. It was the first time I feared he might do something – fatal – to escape his situation.’

Sherlock’s not unique in that situation. Because there are no pharmaceutical alternatives to ease them, an Omega cannot survive a protracted number unsatisfied pyresuses. It’s too much of a drain on their biology and it does, over the course of, say, 12 to 15 months (that’s a LOT of unsatisfied heats, you’re looking at 20 to 30 in an unbound Omega) cause organ failure.

Biologically speaking, a knot is what’s needed to “satisfy” a pyresus. however, culturally, that’s not acceptable. There’s too much kudos to binding an Omega, plus a strong instinctual urge on the Alphas side to bite and bond. As such, it became standard for an Omega to bond to an Alpha chosen for them rather than live a more liberated existence.

There are advantages to bonding. It stabilises the reproductive cycle, lengthening it and reducing the biological drain. It also, in theory, means there’s always an Alpha around to satisfy pyresus. However, just because an Omega needs a knot, it doesn’t mean their mental desires for compatibility and affection are over-ruled. It’s not a case of any one will do, though they’re often taught from a young age that’s the case. An Omega’s mental wants and desires are still very much in play during pyresus, but are often ignored by the elite Alphas as irrelevant.

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It is phenomenally challenging to write anything Johnlockish when my husband’s watching me through the office door.
And laughing at me.

What do you mean, B?  I have no idea what that’s like

ROFL! Oh my god. They do it on purpose. It&#8217;s a &#8220;Stop writing porn and pay attention to me&#8221; thing.



It is phenomenally challenging to write anything Johnlockish when my husband’s watching me through the office door.

And laughing at me.


What do you mean, B?  I have no idea what that’s like

ROFL! Oh my god. They do it on purpose. It’s a “Stop writing porn and pay attention to me” thing.

r3zuri replied to your photo “It is phenomenally challenging to write anything Johnlockish when my…”

Does he know you write slash? :-D

It is phenomenally challenging to write anything Johnlockish when my husband&#8217;s watching me through the office door.
And laughing at me.

It is phenomenally challenging to write anything Johnlockish when my husband’s watching me through the office door.

And laughing at me.

Anonymous sent: In some omegaverse stories, bonding includes the ability to comunicate mentally, by words, feelings or moods, or at least the pair somewhat "feeling" their bond and stuff like that. Does your verse include some version of this? I don't recall if there's been mention of it. (Sorry if it has been! There's so much delicious detail that sometimes I forget little things or mix up stories)

No, there’ no concept of a mental bond in this one, though the term “mate” is used (very selectively) in a bond that’s particularly compatible. What you’d see in a bond like that is the same kind of relationship behaviour you’d see in a long-term couple very much in love. A sort of, intimate knowledge of each other, not just physically but emotionally, and a hyper-awareness of each other’s moods and behaviours, but there wouldn’t be any metaphysical or supernatural elements to it.

(Thanks for all the Gilded Cage questions, btw everyone. I’m answering what I can, but quietly bypassing a few of the more spoilery ones, including the anon who direct up asked me to summarise the rest of the plot. If people want to blacklist, I’ll start consistently using the tag GCworld so you can unclutter your dash without unfollowing :) )

tea-n-brains sent: Does strengthening the bond have to be sex or just spending time together and would it be different if the bonded were so close prior to bonding?

Being close in proximity/affection/basic compatibility will all help strengthen a bond, but sex is hyped up by elite Alphas as the most important part.

If a pair were close and later bonded, it would mean a stronger bond (better for both parties as long as they stayed together.)

Publishing because people might find it interesting!

Anonymous sent: No wait I take that back. The best thing for Sherlock would be to bond with someone he trusts who would let him live on his own and then keep working and living with John. Equally sad, I know (and illegal in your universe if I remember correctly?)

Yep, it is illegal and, in the current social climate of the elite, highly unlikely to ever happen.

Now, to me, it’s never been about the perfect solution, with all the boxes ticked. It’s about wanting something enough and finding a way to have it even if that means making compromises.

But perhaps I’ve said too much.

Anonymous sent: Would the best solution for Sherlock then be to bond with John and then send John away so that he doesn't experience pyresus and can work more easily? X

No comment.

Anonymous sent: So technically, even if Sherlock were to eventually bond with John, the heats would still be as debilitating as when he's unbonded (but for the fact that his pheromones would only affect John)? Or.... wait, is it that the heats don't happen as often when an omega has bonded? Did I read that in your fic, or was it from someone else's? I can't remember! lol ^^;

If Sherlock were to bond with John, the following things would happen (*if* they were able to build a strong bond - if you remember Sherlock said he spent the first few years with Alexander “strengthening” their bond, which basically means spending time together/having sex.)

1. His cycle would lengthen and stabilise. Rather than experiencing pyresus every 10 to 16 days, as he would in his unbound state, it would double in length to somewhere around the 29 to 34 day range.

2. Pyresus would still occur, but the duration of the actual compulsive need for sex would be shorter in duration. (Maybe 36 hours, rather than 3 or 4 days)

3. Just as you said, only John as an Alpha would make it pyresus he experienced (no other Alphas would do it) not heat, so if John were to leave him or be absent for a while, Sherlock’s cycles pyresus’ would return to heats.

4. Only John would be sent into rut (that’s the Alpha desire to mate) by Sherlock’s pheromones. Sherlock would still smell intriguing to another Alpha, but not irresistible. That said, id an Alpha recognised the scent as a bound Omega in pyresus and lacked any moral qualms, they might still endeavour to have sex with him regardless of consent etc, so there is still that danger associated with an Omega in pyresus.

So yes, the pyresus would still be debilitating, but shorter lived. :D

Hope that helps :)

Anonymous sent: I love the Gilded Cage! Stunningly written, and I haven't encountered a disappointing chapter yet. It was the first multichap omegaverse fic I'd ever read, and it was a brilliant way to introduce myself to it. The only thing I'm not clear on is pyresus—I think I understand the gist of it, but could you just explain it for me?

Of course, lovely. Pyresus (from pyre, meaning fire/to burn) is the intense desire an Omega experiences to mate with an Alpha. It occurs at the point of their cycle when they are ovulating. They will release the “irresistible” pheromones that attract potential Alpha mates and, supposedly, overrides all rational thought beyond sexual drive in the Alpha.

For an unbound Omega, and a bound Omega *in the presence* of their Alpha, every ovulation = pyresus.

It’s only when a bound Omega separates from their Alpha, like Sherlock and Alexander, that pyresus no longer occurs. The Omega still ovulates, but they release no obvious pheromones, and the intense desire to have sex is markedly reduced. Sherlock calls these times his heats. This is a biological process which basically “hides” the fact he’s ovulating, because his Alpha is not nearby.

Hope that helps, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the story!


Sometimes Sherlock wakes up to find John watching him sleep. He still gets shy when he sees it. Maybe even blushes a bit.

astudyinconsultants sent: Hello, would you have a spare minute to help out a novice? I'm writing my very first fanfic (post-HLV multi-chapter) with still married John and asexual Sherlock who nevertheless love each other. My problem is, especially with these two, should I write them saying the three little magic words to each other? I fear that once it's said and done the tension of the story drains out and it becomes uninteresting. What is your opinion on writing a love confession?

it’s tricky, actually, isn’t it? of all the fics I’ve written i think (and someone’s bound to correct me if I’m wrong!) that I’ve only had a love confession from the two of them in one fic (Star Move Still, I think?)

However, the way I see it, it’s a very personal thing to the writer, and the characters will tell you whether it needs to be stated explicitly. In my view, John and Sherlock, both in the show and in a lot of fics, are ”saying” it to each other all the time in pretty much every action they take. It’s not cemented, perhaps, but it’s still there, and I think a lot of readers are aware of that, so they’re seeing the connection regardless of if it’s actually said.

As for fic losing momentum once it’s said, that’s a risk. It depends how you’ve angled the fic. If you’ve made the romance (and acknowledgement of it) the driving force, then the confession should occur at the end. If,however, there’s more to it, the potential success and failure of the relationship and all that, then you probably won’t see a loss of momentum.

With this one, hun, I think my advice is just go with your gut. Try it, see if it seems right, and go from there.

Good luck!