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Progress Log: Gilded Cage

Ch 10 Editing 4/5
Next Update Friday 25th I hope.

Child off my hands for a few hours (it’s Easter holidays here - bet you can guess what that’s done to my writing time…) I’m tired, but I really want to try and make a start on chapter 11.

Wish me luck, guys!

(And for those wondering, yeah, we should have a Gilded Cage update tomorrow :D)

Oh My God.

So when the luscious mojoflower said she’d got me something at 221Bcon, I have to admit I was embarrassingly excited. But I wasn’t expecting anything this awesome!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who signed it. I’ll be scanning the back and printing it out so I can frame them side by side and put it above my desk (once I actually get the office decorated.)

*hugs you all*


what are you doing, Sherlock? by Ai 人工痔


what are you doing, Sherlock? by Ai 人工痔

Wanted to share this..

Particular Scarf Said: I have a very dear friend who is a writer/ actor/ director (mostly theater and short films). Hugely talented. Enormous Sherlock fan (though not a participant in online fandom). Also a straight male (though utterly non-homophobic).

We’d been discussing fanfiction and I had been telling him how absolutely amazing some of it was. How, in the hands of the right author, it managed to bridge the apparent disconnect between “fine literature” and erotica; how that seamless blending connected the sexual and non-sexual aspects of a relationship into something that read as a real, actual relationship.

He was curious, so I sent him a link to EPHG (which, to me, is the cream of the crop).

Now, I have to tell you, this is a man who, over the course of our friendship, has basically been my own personal master class in literature, theater, and film. 

A couple weeks ago, we chatted, and he told me he’d finished EPHG. He *loved* it. He went on about “beautiful characterization” and “visceral imagery” and “a hushed, anticipatory tone”. I’m paraphrasing a little here because I can’t remember his exact words, but it was something very much like “I loved that the eroticism is built on a foundation of real love, depth, and substance in the relationship. It made it so much hotter than just sex.”

I’m telling you this not necessarily because the review is coming from a straight male perspective, but because it’s coming from a person who has little to no experience with slash fiction or this whole fandom deal. He told me he was going to explore some of your other works because your writing was gorgeous, and that “if this is what fans with lives and day jobs are cranking out, mainstream media should be very afraid.” :)


Oh, hun. You have no IDEA how much I needed to hear something like this today. I don’t actually know how to adequately thank you - or your friend - but this whole thing is getting printed out and stuck up on my wall for permanent pick-me-up purposes.

Thank you.

B xxx

Nothing that normally makes me happy is doing the trick today. I keep trying to do stuff I normally enjoy and just…

Every time I do I just think “What’s the bloody point?”



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original | artist: おじ


original | artist: おじ

People say I’m arrogant for doing what I do. Dressing the way I want to. Writing what makes me happy. Living my life the way I decide. Apparently imposing my will on my own personage makes me unsavoury.

But that’s not right. It’s not arrogant to be yourself. 

It’s arrogant to try and shape others with your criticism. It’s arrogant to believe people will change just because you disapprove.

Anonymous sent: I admire you, so I thought to ask you something... This might have been asked before, but how do you find time to write? That's what I'm struggling with. I'm studying my master's and when I want to write I feel like I don't deserve to write, I have not studied enough, I've not done all the thing I should and I don't deserve it. Do you have any advises? Also, you must know the feeling when inspiration comes when you have the least time to write...

It’s not so much a case of finding time, as making it. I can’t lie and say I’ve got my priorities right, because I really haven’t. I did manage to write fanfiction and get a degree, masters, husband, baby, house etc, but it would be a heinous lie to tell you it was easy, or to say that sacrifices weren’t made (perhaps in the wrong places.)

I prioritise writing over… almost everything else. Except the health of my family, but after that, writing is it. 

I’ve pretty much aligned my entire life to maximise my writing time, and building it into my routine means I can make the most of every opportunity. 

At the moment, during term-time when my kid’s at school, the morning is my time to write, the afternoon is for business and keeping house. Then after the kid comes home, there’s two hours between his bed time and when hubbie and I sit down for cuddles and quality time. Sometimes, if I’m really into what I’m writing, I’ll write during that time as well. If not, I’ll do something unrelated so that the next morning, my brain is fresh and rejuvenated and ready to write some more.

So that’s my advice. You’re doing your masters, and that’s important, and I know you get guilt when your attention’s not on it (been there, done that) but the thing is you need to reward yourself with the things you want to do.

By building writing time into your daily schedule, you can give yourself that reward without your master’s suffering. Even just thirty minutes might make you feel a lot better about both your academic writing, and the creative side.

It’s not easy, and I wouldn’t say I got it right, exactly, but in the end my life ended up where I wanted it to be, despite a few bad prioritisations along the way!

And I think it’s completely naturally to get inspiration at that time when writing’s not possible. It happens to me all the time. There is never a moment I want to write so badly as that moment when it can’t be done.

Good luck, hun, with both your masters and your creative writing <3

Anonymous sent: Which ep is your profile gif of sherlock from? I'd like to re-watch that ep, freeze frame and just...*swoon*. Also, I previously msged u gushing about how out of all your writing talents, u r MOST MOST MOST talented at (unresolved) sexual tension. Like HAIL TO THE QUEEN OF UST B, how the john-perve-on-sherlock descriptions in MBS, SK and Monachopsis punched me in the gut and FLOORED ME. Just wanted to mention that again in case it got lost on tumblr, it bears repeating.

I believe it’s from the Great Game, hun. It’s when Sherlock deduces “Jim from IT” is gay and Molly gets upset. It is a gorgeous picture.

And I’m delighted you like my UST scenes. I’ve never considered it a strength of mine, but I might just reconsider :D *Squishes and hugs* I think it did get lost, as I don’t remember seeing it <3

Here, have my second favourite Sherlock Gif to stare at too.


Went to clean out my gmail inbox and



My inbox is much the same. I’d cap, but it’s got your name ALL OVER IT.


This just in: Contrary to popular belief, “AU” does not mean “Stupid excuse to be OOC”

This just in: Contrary to popular belief, characterisation is a matter of personal opinion and interpretation, not a concrete definition.

If you don’t like it, hit the back button. Don’t shit on the creators who made something out of joy and passion.


“Don’t call him freak”


“Don’t call him freak”


Unimpressed cat is unimpressed
Sorting through the camera, and I found this one that beautifulfic set up and took. I’m surprised the cat didn’t just run. It must have been too warm and sunny in that window.

My cat&#8217;s the king of fuck you.


Unimpressed cat is unimpressed

Sorting through the camera, and I found this one that beautifulfic set up and took. I’m surprised the cat didn’t just run. It must have been too warm and sunny in that window.

My cat’s the king of fuck you.

nosetothewind94 sent: Hey B, I was daydreaming about GC and I just thought I'd ask how the whole O thing works in your 'verse? Would they technically be able to shag someone and the other be none the wiser of their status if out of heat? Or are there physical tells? Would an alpha knot anyway? Would they smell O out of heat during sex? Would (even though in this 'verse this seems pretty much out of question) a beta be able to satisfy? Just you know. Details 'n stuff... Oh, and happy Easter if you celebrate it! :) xx

Hi hun! 

Thank you for this. Some of these are answered in the story, but it’s often just one line amidst a huge chapter, so very easy to miss. Also, it kind of depends on the Omega’s status, so there’s more under the read more for those interested! (publishing for other people who may be interested.)

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